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Nordic Financial Unions is the voice of the employees in the Nordic financial sectors. Through our seven affiliated unions in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland we represent 150.000 members, promoting their interests at the European level.


NFU – Nordic Financial Unions builds cooperation among Nordic financial trade unions and promotes their interests in Europe.


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2022.10.10 | NFU News

NFU’s view on a Social taxonomy

NFU believes that sustainability must be addressed holistically, where social and governance aspects are given the same room and importance as environmental aspects. To be able to do this, a social taxonomy is important to address sustainable finance also from a social and governance perspective.
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2022.09.26 | NFU News

NFU PRESS RELEASE – New NFU report shows that flexibility in where, when and how work is done is key for financial employees’ wellbeing in hybrid work life

Today, Nordic Financial Unions (NFU) release the report Quality work environment in the Nordic finance sector - employee wellbeing in a post-pandemic world. The report builds on the challenges and opportunities for financial employees in the Nordic countries during the pandemic and presents important learnings to bring into the new normal hybrid work life.
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2022.09.21 | NFU News

NFU visit Carbfix carbon capture plant

This Tuesday NFU’s Management Board visited the Icelandic company Car¬bfix, a role model for carbon removal techniques. Carbfix uses a unique and self-developed method, which takes captured CO2 and turns it into stone, deep underground.
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2022.06.16 | NFU Blog

Apple speeds up move into financial services

One of the latest week’s biggest stories in finance is Apple’s move into Buy now – pay later (BNPL) and lending services. This is the confirmation of rumours having circulated during the last couple of months, that Apple has been moving into cooperation with financial actors and increased their focus on financial services. Is the latest move by the US Big Tech company a game changer in financial services?
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Our work

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2017.04.19 | Our work

Promoting constructive Social dialogue

NFU is the Nordic representative in the European Sectoral Social dialogues in Bank and Insurance, coordinating the NFU participation. By participating, NFU supports social dialogue in Europe and promotes the interests of our member unions at European level.
2016.12.15 | Our work

Being a Knowledge hub

NFU creates value for the affiliates by acting as a knowledge hub among trade unions in the Nordic financial sectors strengthening their cooperation and expertise.
2016.12.15 | Our work

Influencing the EU

NFU is continuously working to improve the output of EU regulation. By monitoring the regulatory development and influencing the EU, NFU makes sure that the employee perspectives is taken into account. NFU is an active stakeholder at the EU level.