About NFU

Promoting the interests of Nordic financial trade unions in Europe

This is NFU

NFU – Nordic Financial Unions is a lobbying organization that promotes the interests of Nordic financial trade unions in Europe. Through our seven member unions, NFU is the voice of the employees in the Nordic financial sectors.

Everything NFU does is for the benefit of the employees in the Nordic financial sectors.

Our Member Unions

NFU represents seven trade unions in the bank, finance and insurance sectors in all the Nordic countries.

UNI Europa Finance

At the European level, NFU is working in close collaboration with UNI Europa Finance when it comes to lobby efforts, consultation replies and in the social dialogues. The cooperation is strong and goes long back.

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Our Mission and Vision

The NFU Mission and Vision is the long-term goals for NFU, setting the frames for our daily work and lobbying efforts.

Our Mission

NFU – Nordic Financial Unions builds cooperation among Nordic financial trade unions and promotes their interests in Europe.

Through a high level of competence and dialogue, NFU contributes to a sustainable financial sector, fundamental for job creation and long-term economic development.

NFU creates value for the affiliates by acting as a knowledge hub among trade unions in the Nordic financial sectors, strengthening their cooperation and expertise.

Our Vision

NFU strives to make the financial sectors prosper in a way that is sustainable for employees, companies, consumers and society.

This is done through influencing regulation, framework conditions and business strategies that support job creation and economic growth.

The History of NFU

The Nordic Bank Unions (NBU) is founded.

Bankers unions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden creates a system for financial support in the case of labour market conflicts.

The Nordic Insurance Unions (NIU) is founded.

NBU holds its first Nordic training programme for representatives from its member unions.

Swedish and Finnish bank employees go out in strike, 3 respectively 5 weeks. The NBU conflict support-fund provides financial support.

1988 – 1995
Challenging years in the Nordic financial sectors, with down-sizing and lay-offs.

Nordic Financial Unions, NFU is founded when the Nordic Bank Unions and Nordic Insurances Unions merges.

The financial crisis hits the US market and quickly spreads to the rest of the world.

In the aftermath of the crisis, EU starts to push out financial regulation. NFU changes direction and becomes a lobbying organization.

NFU signs agreement to support organising in Estonia’s finance sectors, within the framework of Baltic Organising Academy (BOA).