Policies & Priorities

NFU Policy Platform

The NFU Policy Platform outlines the policies and priorities for NFU and is the basis for everything we do. The current Policy Platform was adopted 2023 by the NFU Union Council.

Three levels of the Policy Platform

Employee level

NFU strives for legislation that respects collective bargaining rights, taking the employee dimension to its full potential as a key factor for sustainable growth, consumer protection and financial stability

Company level

NFU strives for financial sectors that invest in people for long-term oriented value creation

Society level

NFU strives for Nordic financial sectors which operate and perform in an ethical and sound manner to support long-term oriented and sustainable economic development for the benefit of society

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NFU Work Plan

NFU’s work follows a two-year Work Plan, adopted by the NFU Union Council.
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NFU Annual Reports

Interested in what NFU has been up to during the last couple of years? Check out the NFU Annual reports.
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NFU Statutes

The NFU statutes were adopted by the NFU Union Council in 2023.
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