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Anna-Delia Papenberg starts as new EU Coordinator at NFU

NFU is strengthening its regulation and lobbying work and is happy to welcome Anna-Delia Papenberg to the team in Stockholm. Anna-Delia has extensive working experience with EU legislators and law enforcement institutions, such as the European Commission, European Social Committee and the Data Protection Supervisor.

Prior to her current position in the liaison office of the European Parliament in Stockholm, she worked as senior legal advisor to one of the European Parliament’s leading figures and former Vice-President, long-standing S&D Coordinator of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, MEP Evelyne Gebhardt. Anna-Delia has for example negotiated the current IT consumer acquis of the European Union. Anna-Delia is a trained lawyer specialised in International and EU Law.

I am sure that Anna-Delia will be a strong addition to the NFU team, and I am happy that we have been able to recruit such a qualified and experienced colleague to our team. Anna-Delia’s experience from the European Parliament together with her legal background will bring us to the next level in our ambitious work to influence the financial regulation, says Carin Hallerström, General Secretary of NFU.

Anna-Delia Papenberg is of German origin and has proven to be a strong and enthusiastic supporter of the Nordic model and is currently living and working in Stockholm, Anna-Delia says:

As newly appointed NFU EU Coordinator, I will do everything in my power to promote the interests of 150.000 employees in the Nordic financial sector represented by NFU in EU policy and EU legislation. Working with my new colleagues in Stockholm and Brussels and the member unions in all five Nordic countries is an exciting new experience for me. I am delighted to establish close new relationships to ensure the Nordic labour market model’s influence in the EU and to promote stronger social dimension of the EU single market.

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