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Danish seminar with Nordic touch

On September 9 more than 200 shop stewards and safety stewards met in Vejle, Denmark, for the annual Nordea union seminar.

The seminar was also visited by Nordea unionists Stevan Sulja from the Nordea Union in Sweden and Kjell Arne Ystenes from the Nordea Union in Norway.

Boost your personal communication

During the three days’ seminar, the participants worked with personal communication, shared experiences with each other, and discussed the daily life in Nordea with the union board as well as the management of Nordea.
– Shop stewards in all countries could benefit from this seminar. The topic ‘personal communication’ is relevant on a daily basis whether you are a shop steward of Poland, Denmark or Norway. I am looking forward to participating and be inspired, Kjell Arne Ystenes said prior to the seminar.
The seminar offered several options to practice communication skills and learn to become a better and stronger communicator. Not only at the work shop facilitated by communications adviser, Jesper Klit, but also at the make-believe reception and during the networking game ‘Networkers’, the shop stewards had plenty of possibilities to boost their personal communication.

Annual debate with management

One of the major tests of personal communication was the debate with Nordea management which took place Friday afternoon. The management was represented by Head of Banking Denmark, Anders Jensen, and Head of HR Nordic Banking Denmark, Niels Gregers Hansen.

The shop stewards and safety stewards brought questions from their daily working life forward and topics such as performance measures, well-being and salaries were heavily discussed.

– When attending a seminar like this one in Denmark, it is extremely clear to me why we need to work closely together. I am reminded that the challenges of the employees of all the countries are similar and we have so many experiences to share across borders, Stevan Sulja says.
Until next year

Saturday morning it was time to say goodbye and for both Stevan Sulja and Kjell Arne Ystenes the seminar will not be forgotten.

– I am always blown away by the commitment of the participants and the professional handling by Kreds Nordea’s board members. I definitely hope to attend again next year, Stevan Sulja said before the two Nordic unionists left for the airport.

By Charlotte Ahlburg Andersen – Communications Adviser at Kreds Nordea, Denmark

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