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Debate at Nordea Union Seminar

Norwegian, Finish, Swedish and Danish employee representatives of Nordea’s Consultative Committees (CC) as well as Nordea Union Board gathered at the bi-annual CC seminar in Copenhagen 24 and 25 September. The participants represent approximately 33,000 employees of Nordea in the CCs covering Nordeas business areas.

The seminar was opened by CC Coordinator, Søren Kobbernagel, and President of Union in Nordea, Steinar Nickelsen, who welcomed Mark Kandborg, Manager in Group ALM and Group Investment & Execution in Nordea to the floor. Mark Kandborg spoke about implementation of financial regulation in Nordea and answered questions from the participants.

At the seminar the employee representatives challenged themselves and each other at workshops. The focus was on improving the union work and constantly challenging the management of Nordea in order to create and develop the best Nordea possible for both employees and the business.


Tuesday morning General Secretary of NFU, Christina Colclough, facilitated a session which resulted in a lively discussion between the union presidents and CC employee representatives. The debate focused on the value unionists add to Nordea.

“Union in Nordea and shop stewards throughout the countries add priceless value to the ongoing processes of developing and changing the structures of the bank. We communicate the management’s ideas to our members and, simultaneously, we communicate our members’ experiences with daily work life in the bank to the management. We take responsibility for the discussions, we are part of and – as importantly – we work as facilitators in implementing changes daily”, President of Kreds Nordea and member of Nordea Union Board, Majbritt Garbul Tobberup stated during the debate.

Union in Poland

A presentation by Polish unionist and employee at Nordea Operation Center Patrycja Cisak clarified working life in Poland and more specifically working life at Nordea Operation Center to the participants. The presentation and following discussion covered many aspects such as turnover, salary levels and other employee working conditions.

The seminar proved that cooperation between unions in Sweden, Poland, Finland, Denmark and Norway is extremely valuable. The close relationship between the unionists will continue at the board of Union in Nordea as well as in the six various Consultative Committees.

By Charlotte Ahlburg Andersen – Communications Adviser, Kreds Nordea

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