EU Advocacy Work

Safeguarding the Nordic model

NFU Advocacy Work

NFU stands for a European Union that is actively involved in making globalisation fair, guided by European values and with the ambition to promote Europe’s innovative strength. The European Union is setting the framework for the functioning of the financial sector, and its employees. Employees stand at the core of the finance industry. Bank and insurance employees are the prime value creators in financial institutions and as such key drivers towards financial sectors that create the preconditions for sustainable development and digital solutions for the good of our societies.

Dialogue with European Institutions

A particular focus of our work lies on direct exchange with the Members of the European Parliament and the promotion of dialogue between various actors in European politics in order to ensure that the interests of Nordic financial employees are heard at all EU levels. To this end and to further our members’ European ambitions we make concrete proposals how legislative texts could look like during the various stages of the European legislative prosedure.

NFU engage in an active dialogue with the European Commission via the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA). Through the close cooperation with UNI Europa Finance, NFU are part of a biannual dialogue meeting with DG FISMA on the latest development in the European financial system.

EU Trade Union Cooperation

Only together we are strong! NFU is part of a strong trade union movement and works closely in alliance with UNI Europa Finance, our national affiliates in the Nordics as well as other civil society organisations.

Consultation Replies

NFU works actively to influence EU regulation that affects the Nordic financial sectors and its employees. Replying to EU consultations is an important part of this work.

NFU replies to consultations from all EU institutions and supervisory authorities on proposals, reports, discussion papers and more that could have an affect on the employees in the financial sectors. NFU also replies to consultations through and together with other stakeholders, such as UNI Europa Finance.

Find our policy papers and consultation replies in chronological order below.