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European Works Council in SEB to be strengthened

The European Works Council in the bank SEB has launched an initiative to strengthen the transnational co-operation between the employee representatives to make the work of the EWC more efficient and coherent. This will in turn improve the co-operation between the employer and employee representatives, according to the project objectives. Swedish Finansförbundet, NFU and SEB back the project, which has received financial support by the EU Commission.

The EU Directive on European Work Councils was revised in 2009, including better rights to information and consultation for EWC members. This gives trade union representatives a good opportunity to start discussions about employee involvement on transnational level.

The development project in SEB will focus on the role of the EWC and the management in the process of information and consultation. Another important part of the project will be to face the different cultures that have an impact to the workforce and the work of the EWC itself. The EWC in SEB was established in 2003, and today it consists of representatives from 12 countries in the EU.

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