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EWC work discussed in NFU conference

The NFU project on EWC training is in its final stage – a concluding conference is held in Brussels May 25-26 in cooperation with UNI-Europa Finance.

The conference will discuss relevant problems and possibilities with EWC work, and features speakers such as EWC expert Bruno Demaître, and Evelyne Pichot, responsible for the work with transnational agreements in the European Commission.

The project, which was officially launched in December 2009,has recieved financing by the European Commission. The first seminar took place in Stockholm on December 14-15, and was aimed towards newly elected and/or presumptive EWC members in corporations within the NFU umbrella. The second project seminar took place in Copenhagen on March 17. The target group this time was more experienced representatives of EWC:s and similar structures. The seminar featured, among others, Michael Whittal, EWC researcher.

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