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Implementing financial rules in the Nordics

Maintaining a level playing field of rules is one of NFU’s core tasks. In 2015, after six years’ intensive work with new EU financial legislation, we came up with the idea to investigate how the new rules are being implemented in the Nordic countries.

It’s been a long time coming, but that idea is now close to completion. On December 11 in Copenhagen, NFU will present the results of the investigation in a seminar together with our research partner CBS and the Nordic Council of Ministers, who has financed the project.

The project’s purpose is to map the way in which certain key areas of financial legislation are being implemented, to gain knowledge about three aspects. Are there differences between the Nordic countries – differences that would undermine the level playing field of supervision and competition? In what way has the intention of the EU legislators been transposed through the ESA interpretation and further into national law? And, last but not least: how will key elements of the Nordic labour market model in the financial sectors be affected, such as collective bargaining and employee representation in company boards?

The investigation will place the questions above in a wider context of consumer protection, corporate governance, and financial stability. The mapping will provide an important building block for NFU’s input into future revisions of financial legislation. It will also be an important overview of the sum of financial regulation with an effect on finance employees, and its transposal into national jurisdictions. In this way, NFU can support two outcomes: better financial regulation in the future and a comparison of EU and national financial regulation for the benefit our member unions and a Nordic level playing field.

More information about the seminar on December 11 and how to register can be found HERE. Welcome and we hope to see you there!

Arvid Ahrin

General Secretary
Phone: +46 708 522 443
Twitter: @ahrinNFU

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