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Joint declaration on digitalisation signed

The social partners of the European Insurance sector, UNI Europa Finance, Insurance Europe, Amice and Bipar, have signed a joint declaration on digitalisation.

The declaration was signed on October 12 in Brussels as a part of the European Social Dialogue in the Insurance Sector. The declaration focuses on the social effects of digitalisation in the Insurance sector, taking in to account both the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation. NFU has been active in the process of working with the declaration.

The social partners emphasize that already existing labour law should be the basis also in a digital world of work and that training is key to ensure future employability and skills. The declaration also highlights the increasingly blurry lines between home and work, the need of new leadership skills and the importance to ensure ways for trade unions to communicate with workers.

With the declaration, the social partners commit to further working on the topic within the Social dialogue.

Read the full declaration here.

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