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Joint Fintech project: Register for the first virtual workshop


UNI Europa Finance, NFU and Gothenburg University are happy to invite you to the first virtual workshop of our joint research project on the impact of Fintech companies on the financial sector, and the role of trade unions in this landscape.


The programme will feature:

  • speeches by the European Commission and the Swedish Fintech Association
  • presentations of the project and a focus on the Estonian fintech scene
  • a panel discussion including representation by UNI Europa Finance, the European Banking Federation and Wipro.


To register, please follow this link:



This workhop is part of a two-year joint project run by UNI Europa Finance, NFU and the University of Gothenburg, and co-sponsored by the European Commission. The project focuses on Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands and Sweden, but through research and workshops, aims to conclude with a joint conference where recommendations applicable to all European countries will be presented.

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