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Mainstreaming the Social Agenda in Sustainable Finance – Short version

In the next year, work with the social agenda in sustainable finance in the EU will be more prominent than ever, both through new and current initiatives that will be looked from a social lens. NFU´s Position Paper ´Mainstreaming the Social Agenda in Sustainable Finance´ is a go-to for understanding the social side of the sustainable finance agenda. It highlights:

– what are social considerations

– where, in the current sustainable finance landscape, can they be lifted

– what is the role of finance sector employees and trade unions

It is a tool to help NFU´s member unions put the EU developments into context and further use and adjust to their own advocacy and activities towards members. For NFU, it is a helicopter view of the sustainable finance agenda and a roadmap for our continuous work in sustainable finance.

In 2022 NFU will address the social agenda by launching some tools for you as unions to work on and advocate for a social agenda within the sustainable finance framework.

Today, NFU is publishing a short version of the Position paper Mainstreaming the Social Agenda in Sustainable Finance. Read the short version here

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