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In memory of Jan-Erik Lidström

On Midsummer’s Day 2015, the former General Secretary of NFU Jan-Erik Lidström suddenly passed away at the age of 73.

Jan-Erik became General Secretary for the then NBU – Confederation of Nordic Bank Employees – in 1977. After successfully leading that organisation for more than 20 years, he played a key role in merging it with the Nordic Insurance Employees’ Union to form the present NFU in 1999. Serving as its General Secretary until the end of 2008, he further consolidated and strengthened the cooperation between the trade unions in the Nordic financial sectors.

Jan-Eriks dedication and drive together with his kind-hearted and warm spirit enabled him to play the key role in building a uniquely strong cooperation between the unions within NFU, at the same time as forming a vast personal network in the Nordic, European and global trade union movement. Aside from being a true believer in Nordic unity, he had perhaps a special interest in the Baltic countries. His work with supporting the foundation of a finance trade union in Lithuania in the early 2000s earned him an award from the Lithuanian government.

After his retirement, Jan-Erik continued to be very active as a writer in addition to working for the University of Stockholm and maintaining close ties with retired colleagues from NFU and NBU. He remained in full force until his sudden passing. Our thoughts go to his family in this trying time – Jan-Erik Lidström will be remembered with great warmth and gratitude among the many who were fortunate enough to have known him.

For any inquires about Jan-Erik Lidström, please contact NFU.

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