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New report: Nordic implementation of EU financial rules

A new research report from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), supported by NFU and the Nordic Council of Ministers, examines how EU finance reforms have affected the Nordic model in the financial sector.

The EU response to the financial crisis of 2008 fundamentally reshapeded the regulatory landscape in the financial sector. This profound overhaul of financial services impacts several key elements of the Nordic model. As 40+ new legal acts for the financial sectors are implemented in the Nordic countries, key corporate governance and consumer protection elements will be affected. The question is – how and what is the real impact?

The new research report from CBS investigates how the implementation of EU financial rules have impacted the Nordic labour model and employees’ position in the sector. The research project is a part of Nordic Finance and the Good Society, which has received support from, amongst others, Nordic Council of ministers and NFU.

The final report is now published here.

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