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NFU attended the 4th UNI Europa conference

The NFU Secretariat attended the 4th UNI Europa conference, with the theme “Changing Europe together” in Rome. NFU has been involved in the preparation of motions for the congress, where NFU’s General Secretary Arvid Ahrin has been functioning as coordinator for Area II.

The three-day conference gathered over 700 trade union colleagues from all-over Europe, addressing the refugee crisis, anti-trade unionism and the new world of work among other issues. NFU’s president Michael Budolfsen was one of the speakers holding the floor during the conference addressing the importance of a strong trade union movement in order to create a fair world of finance.

The conference was divided in to three sessions focusing on changing Europe by growing unions, bargaining power and quality jobs. At the end of the conference Frank Bsirske and Oliver Roethig were re-elected as UNI Europa President and Regional Secretary.

Read more about the conference at UNI Europas website here.

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