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NFU attends UNI Global Union Congress in Philadelphia

Currently, representatives from unions worldwide are gathering in Philadelphia for the 6th UNI Global Union Conferences to establish priorities and elect new leadership for the next four years. NFUs President Michael Budolfsen, General Secretary Carin Hallerström and Policy Officer Morten Clausen are participating in the conferences, together with a large delegation from all the Nordic countries.

UNI Global Union is an international organisation where trade unions from more than 150 countries are members. UNI wants to empower workers by helping them form and grow unions through organising, protecting their rights, expanding collective bargaining, and holding corporations and governments accountable to their needs. The 6th World Congress of UNI Global Union – Rising Together is scheduled to happen in Philadelphia from August 27-30, and it is open to all unions globally.

Additionally, specific conferences will be held related to the finance sector from August 23-24.  The UNI Finance Conferences will gather around 400 representatives from finance unions in 65 countries. It’s worth mentioning that Michael Budolfsen, the President of NFU, is attending the event not only as a representative of NFU but also as the President of UNI Europa Finance.

The conferences will focus on topics such as collective bargaining, remote work, digitalisation, sustainable finance, human rights, and democracy. There will also be a specific UNI women’s conference on 25-26 August.   NFU values our partnership with UNI Global Union, which has been ongoing for a long time. As such, General Secretary Carin Hallerström is attending the world congress and is sharing some enthusiastic thoughts about NFUs attendance:

I’m thrilled to participate in the Philadelphia conferences and to support trade union’s rights worldwide. Additionally, I believe it is crucial for NFU to be present to safeguard the interests of employees in the Nordic financial sectors and promote the Nordic model on a global scale.”

One of the main events at the UNI Finance Conference on August 24th will be the historic signing of a global agreement between UNI Global Union and Banco de la Nación. This new agreement with the Argentinian state bank will ensure the protection of crucial trade unions and worker rights for its 17,600 employees both in Argentina and abroad. It is also worth noting that U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders is scheduled to speak at the UNI Congress.

In the photo, Michael Budolfsen, the President of NFU, is seen opening the UNI Finance Conference.

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