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NFU Conference 2021 – Recording of the conference

On the 4-5 October, Nordic Financial Unions arranged the NFU Conference 2021. The theme of the conference was Lessons from the pandemic and future challenges for the finance sector – the future of work, digitalisation and sustainable finance. The conference contained four block and an EU briefing. The conference speeches and panel discussions are now available to be seen.

Conference opening and Block 1 The pandemic and the future of work

Opening Speech: Michael Budolfsen, President NFU

Michael Birkjaer, The Happiness Research Institute – The wellbeing economy in the Nordic countries
Tove Selnes, Storebrand – The hybrid office

Joanna Koskinen (UNIO,) Lone Clausen (Forsikringsforbundet), Antti Hakala (PRO), Helena Håkansson (Finansförbundet SE)

Moderator: Carin Hallerström, NFU

Block 2 Sustainable finance and a future sustainable office

Vasilka Lalevska, NFU – The social agenda in Sustainable finance
Sirpa Pietikäinen, Finnish Member of European Parliament (EPP) – Sustainable finance and the Nordic model

Dorrit Brandt Groth (Finansforbundet DK), Arne Fredrik Håstein (Finansforbundet NO), Gerhard Olsson (Finansförbundet SE)

Moderator: Vasilka Lalevska, NFU

EU Briefing

Topic: “Hottest topics of the European Parliamentright now – Minimum Wages, the Green deal, fair transition”

Discussion between Johan Danielsson, Member of European Parliament (SE) and Michael Budolfsen, President NFU
Moderated by Carin Hallerström, NFU

Block 3 Digitalisation and the future of finance

Anna Ilsøe, University of Copenhagen – “Fintech and the future of finance”
Dr Alexandra Andhov, University of Copenhagen – “Innivation and the future of finance”
In conversation with Morten Clausen, NFU

Maria Flodqvist (Forena), Steen Lund Olsen (Finansforbundet DK), Dag Arne Kristensen (Finansforbundet NO)

Moderator: Morten Clausen, NFU

Block 4 Digitalisation and the workers

Dr Christina Colclough, The Why Not Lab -“AI, data, privacy and the workers”

Liisa Halme (PRO), Runar Wilhelm Henriksson (Finansforbundet NO), Ari Skulason (SSF)

Moderator: Simon Jernberg, NFU


Susanne Lindberg, Vice President NFU

Carin Hallerström, General Secretary NFU

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