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NFU Management Board meets in Oslo

On Wednesday November 20, the NFU Management Board meets in Oslo to discuss strategic policy priorities for 2020, the NFU Budget, the European Sectoral Social dialogue and more.

The NFU Management Board is responsible for overseeing the political and strategic direction of NFU in between the Union Council meetings, which are held biennially. In addition to approving budgets and plans for activities, the Management Board is a forum for building knowledge, exchanging experience, and coordination among the NFU member unions.

The NFU Management Board consists of eight representatives from the NFU member unions who normally convene four times a year. The meeting rotates between the NFU affiliates, and this time it is Finansforbundet’s (NO) turn to host the meeting. Items on the agenda for the Management Board to discuss and decide on include strategic policy priorities for 2020, sustainable finance, the NFU Budget, plans and activities for 2020. The Management Board will also discuss European regulatory and policy affairs as-well as the European Social Dialogues for Bank and Insurance, among other things.

The NFU Management Board representatives can be found here.

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