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NFU Position Paper launch: Mainstreaming the Social Agenda in Sustainable Finance

NFU are happy to launch the Position paper Mainstreaming the Social Agenda in Sustainable Finance. The Postion paper aims to highlight how NFU sees the developments in the Social Agenda in Sustainable finance, the value adding role of finance sector employees and trade unions, and to provide key policy recommendations on the main EU legislation of interest.

”This is a good moment to speak about the social agenda in sustainable finance, seeing the increased interest of stakeholders and regulators to advance the social dimension in the context of the EU Taxonomy, disclosures, sustainability reporting, and more. Finance sector employees´ insights and experiences can be valuable input for policy makers, and financial trade unions can use their dual power of understanding financial regulation with a social lens as a way to further develop this agenda”, says Vasilka Lalevska, Head of EU affairs at NFU

”This position paper will strengthen NFU’s work on Sustainable Finance and put us in the front seat in raising the social agenda and aspects in sustainability”, says Carin Hallerström, General secretary of NFU

The Position paper is available here
The Annex with NFU Member Union activities relevant to the Social Agenda in Sustainable Finance is available here

The paper was released during a Launch webinar earlier today. The paper was presented by Vasilka Lalevska, Head of EU-affairs at NFU and discussed together with Signe Andreasen Lysgaard from Danish Institute for Human Rights and part of the Platform on Sustainable Finance. The webinar recording is available below.
The presentation from the webinar is available here

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