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NFU re-elections

On Monday October 22, the NFU Union Council re-elected Michael Budolfsen as President and Pål Adrian Hellman as Vice President for NFU for a two-year period.

Michael Budolfsen, Vice President of the Financial Services Union Denmark, said:
”If we as Nordic finance unions join our forces, we can lift together. We can raise the level for Nordic finance employees, for Nordic finance companies and for our Nordic societies. I am incredibly proud to be re-elected as President of NFU for the next two years.”

Pål Adrian Hellman is President of the Finance Sector Union of Norway. Hellman said of his re-election:
”I am proud of NFU’s role in the Nordic financial market. Our sectors are going through the biggest changes since modern times began, and it is imperative that unions in the Nordic financial sectors cooperate.”

36 delegates and observers from the seven NFU member unions gathered outside Oslo, Norway for the Union Council meeting on October 22 and 23. The Union Council is NFU’s highest decision-making body. Aside from elections, the Union Council revised the NFU Policy Platform and adopted a new NFU Work Plan for 2019-2020 called ”Driving Change”.

Pål Adrian Hellman and Michael Budolfsen

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