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NFU-seminar on Return on Equity

Return on equity is not one of the traditional trade union issues. Yet it affects us more and more – in a world where the ‘market’ always seems to have the last say. Jobs are cut, companies restructured and employees are expected to fulfil constantly raising goals, all to keep the RoE up.

To discuss this, NFU invites to a high-level seminar on October 24 in Helsinki with the title “The Consequences of High Demands on Return on Equity”. In the seminar, we will hear two opposing perspectives on the consequences of high levels of RoE. What is a ‘just’ level of return on equity? Is this an issue for trade union? If so, how can we influence the company strategies?


Björn Wahlroos “Winning on the long-run? Do high demands on RoE fit in?”

As the largest shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Nordea, Björn Wahlroos has strongly advocated for a 15% RoE – if not higher. How does he defend these demands? From his point of view, how can we build sustainable corporations? Björn Wahlroos is also Chairman of the board of Sampo, which in turn owns If.

Thomas Franzén “The sky-high demands on RoE must come down!”

Thomas Franzén is President of the Financial Crisis Commission appointed by the Swedish Government. In the debate, he has questioned the high levels of RoE, meaning that they are short-sighted and create unacceptable risks for both companies and society. He calls on trade union representatives to take action.

Times & Venue

Meeting times are October 24, 10-16, with coffee and sandwiches served from 9.30. The venue is the Pro Secretariat in Helsinki at Selkämerenkuja 1 (map).


The seminar is open to participants from the NFU unions. It will be especially interesting for the company unions, EWC-representatives and representatives on company boards.


Please register before September 24 to Sofia Stenfeldt at NFU, by e-mailing Include name and e-mail addresses of all participants you register. Please note that there is a limited number of seats.

Participation fee

The participation fee is 500 Swedish Kronor per participant, which will be billed to the unions.

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