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Nordea union seminar across borders

Finland recently welcomed members of the eight Consultative Committees (CC) of Nordea when the annual CC seminar for union representatives took place 27-28 October 2010.

During the two days’ seminar, the representatives discussed the task of being a CC member and the seminar provided room for reflection in working groups. The aim was to improve cooperation between CC members as well as enhance the cooperation with management.

The seminar was facilitated by General Secretary of Nordic Financial Unions (NFU), Christina Colclough. She commended the CC members and Union in Nordea for the good work so far. The General Secretary also motivated the participants on the path from good to great by reminding them of the union influence achievable in the CCs.

Ove Hygum, HR chair Capital Markets and Savings, and Johanna Bergström, HR chair Group Functions, from the management of Nordea also participated at the CC seminar. They applauded the union representatives for their commitment in the CC work and discussed improvements to implement on both management and union side.
Strengthening communication from the CCs to the employees of the bank is extremely important for both the union and management. At the seminar, management presented a pilot CC intranet page to be implemented within each business area. At this page employees will be able to follow the CC work related to the specific CC and working area.

Management and union representatives agreed that the CC work is highly developed and that the guidelines for CC members as well as the written CC Agreement with Nordea are both valuable documents empowering cooperation in the CCs. However, implementing the documents in everyday CC work and being more proactive from union side will be the tasks in focus for the next year in order to lift the CC work from good to great.

By Charlotte Ahlburg Andersen – Communications Adviser at Kreds Nordea, Denmark

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