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Note from the General Secretary

Welcome to 2013 – a year of many a challenge on all levels. So what’s in the pipeline?

The corporations will most certainly continue their rationalisation processes putting increased pressure on the employees. What the consequences of these short-term solutions to rather more long-term fundamental problems will be is yet to be seen. It is worth asking though, whether our corporations are damaging the very trust, cooperation and sound employee-management relations that have contributed to their success. We at NFU are desperate to know what their real long-term strategies are.

In the EU, regulation is moving closer and closer to the phase of national implementation. Here the NFU Management Board is preparing for discussions on how each union can make sure that the legislation is in line with our interests. Whilst we support much of the proposed legislation, we are very much aware of the sneaky, subtle attempts at weakening the power and autonomy of our Nordic models.

NFU will throughout the year continue to strengthen our relations with a wide range of organisations and experts be they placed in Brussels, London or elsewhere. The significance of working together with others is huge, both to secure influence, but also to remain proactive and properly equipped to answer all of the challenges that face us. Alone and together with our partners we will seek to set the agenda, shout when we need to shout, and continue to ask those difficult but necessary questions.

Fortunately our combined structures can address all of these challenges: From well-trained shop stewards in the companies, to strong national unions, to NFU and to our European and global partners. Each and every one of us has a task to do. We must feed each other with information, critique, support and advice. Only together are we truly strong.

Christina J. Cloclough, NFU General Secretary

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