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Protecting collective bargaining is crucial for NFUs new President and Vice President

NFU NEWS. NFU recently elected Michael Budolfsen as new President and Ulrika Boëthius as new Vice President. In their announcements below they both highlight the importance of protecting the Nordic model in general and the right to collective bargaining in particular.

“NFU works to achieve maximum influence on the regulation of the finance sector emanating both from the Nordic and European level. The NFU is a strong player backed by 150.000 finance employees and we work tirelessly to influence regulation in a direction that ensures that finance employees continue to thrive and develop in their jobs,” says Michael Budolfsen.

“In addition to financial regulation my focal point as president of the NFU will be to ensure that the Nordic collective bargaining model is preserved. The fact that wages and working conditions are negotiated by the relevant national social partners is fundamental to the prosperity of the Nordic countries. In recent years we have seen signs that the European Union eats away at our sovereignty in the Nordic countries through EU directives. A strong NFU will work actively to ensure each country’s collective bargaining system without interference from the EU,” says Michael Budolfsen.

Ulrika Boëthius has the following announcement concerning NFUs work.

“NFU is, and must continue to be, a much needed voice for the employees in the finance industry. Together we represent five well-organised labour markets with high organisation rates, and together we have five distinctive histories of good and influential trade union practice,” says Ulrika Boëthius, and continues:

“All arrows point in the direction of an increased significance of cross-national cooperation in an ever-internationalised world. In a time where the European Commission wants to regulate wages by law, thus disregarding our Nordic system of collective bargaining, we must work even closer together to explain why our model is such a successful one. The crisis must not be used as an excuse to dismantle labour rights!”

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