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GLOBAL COOPERATION. NFU together with our global partners are securing influence in the EU. Strong and coordinated lobbying strategies are vital in this process. We want to make a difference. The question is what to do and how?

A meeting was held in Brussels on January 23. Its purpose was to coordinate lobbying strategies to secure finance employees’ interests. Strong and coordinated lobbying strategies are the only way to guarantee a trade union perspective in the EU.

The meeting was very much appreciated by all three partners present; Nordic Financial Unions (NFU); UNI Finance (UNI), our global and European partners; and Finance Watch, a public non-industry interest association working for a financial sector that serves society.

Broad discussions on the ways forward were also held during the strategy meeting. What do we want and why? An increasing partnership with Finance Watch and other non-industrial stakeholders will help the trade unions to develop the right arguments.

The financial sector needs new perspectives and arguments on what to do to make sure the financial crisis doesn’t happen again. This long term sustainability is important for all employees.

Finance Watch Secretary General Thierry Philipponnat gave his picture of the most important issues to address in today’s financial market. For example he mentioned that only 28 percent of the capital in the financial sector is invested in the real economy. The remaining 78 percent are so-called betting or speculative activities, in other words risky business. NFU and UNI are eager to react on this unequal and surprising divide. Much more of the money out there must be invested back into society, to the benefit of job creation, sustainable development and growth.

NFU and UNI are happy to have secured a future discussion with Finance Watch about these important questions. To work together and benefit from one another is the NFU way forward, and a key aspect of the Nordic model. The strategy meeting in Brussels was a step towards an even better trade union influence for the sake of our employees.

We need to shout loud, and shout with the right arguments.

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