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Telework on the ILO Agenda

NFU participated in the ILO Global Dialogue forum on Telework this autumn to discuss the challenges and opportunities of teleworking for workers and employers in the ICTS and Financial services sectors. 

The immediate outcome of the tripartite dialogue forum was a 4-page document of consensus points from the plenary discussions. The document will be submitted to the Governing Body of the ILO in March 2017 for its consideration.

From the beginning, it was important for NFU that any discussion about telework was not limited to the traditional forms of telework. This has been reflected in the consensus points as they state that telework also must be understood in the context of other trends in the world of work, such as changing employment relationships, cross-border work and ICT-enabled remote working.

In addition to this, the consensus points address the opportunities and challenges of telework; such as further co-determination regarding when and where to work and the challenges of ensuring a good work life balance as-well as occupational health and safety.

At the meeting, the participants also agreed on the way forward. The message was that the ILO is encouraged to continue to build knowledge and share best practices and collect and analyse data on telework and new forms of work.

Read the full consensus points here.

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