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The NFU Conference 2019

Finance for All: Finance for a European Society


NFU is organizing NFU Conference 2019 between May 27- 28 in Copenhagen for its members and affiliates.

The financial sector´s role is important and relevant, especially in the current context of sustainable development. Analyzing how finance can be an inclusive actor in society brings enormous potential for positive action on all levels. Together with eminent speakers, the NFU Conference 2019 will explore:

With the digital revolution in full speed, digital natives might have more access to finance today. Digital exclusion however leaves a significant portion of European customers behind. How can this discrepancy be bridged? What is the impact of digitalization on trust for the finance sector? Furthermore, how do the needs of finance sector employees change, in light of rapid development of financial technology (Fintech)?

As local and regional financial sector branches are crucial for local growth, it is noteworthy that so many local bank and insurance offices have closed during the past years. At the same time, European SMEs and other stakeholders are lacking financing, which could be aided by local access to financial services. How can it be ensured that the financial sector serves society as a whole?

The financial sector and its employees are crucial catalyzers in making the transition to a sustainable economy. What are their specific roles, and what can trade unions do in this process? How can the financial sector contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030?

Please click on the link for a detailed programme and practical information about the event: NFU Conference 2019 – Programme

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The NFU Conference 2019

The NFU Conference 2019 "Finance for All: Finance for a European Society”, a two-day inspiring discussion on the current and future role of the financial sector for achieving inclusive and sustainable societies, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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