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The Union Council 2016

Michael Budolfsen was re-elected as President and Pål Adrian Hellman elected as new Vice President of NFU by the Union Council on October 13th 2016.

The Union Council, which consists of 24 delegates from the NFU member unions, is the highest decision making body of NFU. The Union Council meets bi-annually, this time in Copenhagen.

At the Union Council Michael Budolfsen, the Vice President of the Financial Services Union Denmark and President of UNI Europa Finance, was re-elected as President of NFU by the Union Council. He has been a member of the NFU Management Board since 2009 and President of NFU since spring 2013.

Pål Adrian Hellman, the President of the Finance Sector Union of Norway, was elected by the Union Council to serve as Vice President of NFU. Pål has been a member of the NFU Management Board since 2011.

On the second day of the Union Council, NFU was visited by Lars Ohnemus from Copenhagen Business School. Lars Ohnemus presented the research project “The Finance sector and the Prosperous Society” which is partly funded by NFU. Lars engaged and challenged the participants in discussions regarding corporate governance and the role of trade unions.

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