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What to expect from 2017

Looking back at all that took place in 2016 it seems hard to predict what will happen this year in the world. What we however can tell you are some of the happenings that will take place within the NFU sphere in 2017, at least up until summer.

  • The new NFU website will be launched in the spring. Expect a more user-friendly and professional site where it is easier to navigate the web of information. You will be informed through NFU Update when the launch will take place.
  • Our high-level training for Nordic trade union representatives proceeds during spring. 40 representatives from all five Nordic countries take part in the training which focuses on strategic and intercultural communication.
  • NFU is doing a study on the regulatory requirements concerning documentation and information to consumers to understand the impact on employees’ work and work life.
  • The project with CBS on the Nordic implementation of EU’s finance legislation will be finalized in a research report in late spring. The focus of the project is to see for example how European whistleblowing rules are implemented in the different Nordic countries.
  • On June 20–21 the NFU Conference will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland, to discuss the future of the Nordic bank and insurance sector and the importance of cross-border trade union work. Don’t miss it!

Ella Sjödin

Head of EU Affairs
Phone: +46 705 465 310
Twitter: @EllaSjdin

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